Volunteers have been an integral part of Big Creek Lodge since 2013, when the nonprofit Idaho Aviation Foundation announced the project as a gift to the public. Now, as then, volunteers can still help in a variety of ways from helping the Caretakers manage workload on a busy morning, or repairing equipment or maintaining our buildings.


Our current need is for some general help at the site. If you want to help for a day or two, please email [email protected] explaining:

  • • Your name
  • • When you will be in the area and how much time you have for Big Creek
  • • What types of skills you have
  • • If you are flying or driving in
  • • A phone number

We will respond to you. We hope you understand that we may not be able to accept your offer to help depending on what work is needed and when staff will be there – generally May 15-October 15, depending on weather.

Thank you for your support and interest!

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