The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.

– John Muir
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The Area

Big Creek lies on the lip of a vast 2.4 million acres of untamed land known as the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. By and large, it's pretty epic out here.
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The Activities

Bike. Hike. Fish. Ride. Remote, wild, and full of transporting possibilities, set out on a big adventure right outside your door. This is where wanderlust takes off.
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News & Happenings

Something about the first snowfall of the season vibrates the heartstrings in me! It will come and go for a bit like a restless child who's not quite ready for bed. But then it will finally overtake the sun's ability to melt it and the peaceful blanket of white will envelope her for her winter hibernation. May the aviators and locals keep an eye on her til she awakens again in spring! 💖( Thank you, Carrie Ellie, for taking the hike I would if I were there to get this spectacular photo!) ... See MoreSee Less
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Almost 2 weeks since I've been back in Wisconsin. Not gonna lie...the colors here will straight up take your breath away! And the smell of the fallen leaves is a scent that can never be bottled. But today as I look at the overcast sky and contemplate the things I still need to unpack, (yes...without proper motivation, I have procrastination down to an artform) I am missing Big Creek 😢 So I am perusing my photos and I'm not sure if it's helping or not to revisit just a fraction of the highlights of my summer!🥹 Take a minute and wander through these with me, won't you? (Captions provided!)And then...can you help a heartsick sister out and post YOUR best memory of Big Creek in the comments? Big Creek is a lodge, yes, a place.....but SO much more than that, it's the people and the stories that breathe the life into it....and that's you! So grateful today for all of you who share a love for this amazing place! ... See MoreSee Less
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