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Through January 31st, 2020
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AUGUST 2018:  Great video from Rich Weltner-checking on construction before the Lodge opened.

Rich Wellner Video


JULY 2018: Meteorologist Roland Steadham from Boise’s KBOI Channel 2 visits Big Creek Lodge just before the Open House.

Roland Steadham


OCTOBER 2017: A time lapse of the Big Creek Lodge construction.

Construction Time Lapse


2017: Idaho Public Television’s Outdoor Idaho: Where the Road Ends—Big Creek.

Where the Road Ends—Big Creek


OCTOBER 21, 2015: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) coverage after ground breaking.

Idaho’s Big Creek Lodge Taking Shape


JULY 30, 2015: McCall Star News coverage of logistics of rebuilding Big Creek Lodge.

A Showcase for How to Get It Done


JULY 23, 2015: National Public Radio/Boise State coverage of why Big Creek Lodge is being rebuilt.

Why A Remote Lodge In Idaho’s Backcountry Is Being Resurrected


JULY 18, 2015: Idaho Aviation Foundation’s 25 year history of flying disabled children, adults and wounded warriors into the Idaho backcountry to enjoy a weekend getaway.

Wheels Down in the Wilderness


JULY 17, 2015: National Public Radio/Boise State coverage of ground breaking.

Volunteers Rebuilding Iconic Backcountry Idaho Lodge After Fire


JULY 16, 2015: Idaho Statesman coverage of rebuilding Big Creek Lodge.

Pilot group to rebuild backcountry lodge in Payette National Forest

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