The Crew

Making the magic happen. Behind the scenes at Big Creek is a fabulous crew here to help you. Just keep in mind that, unlike a hotel, Lodge caretakers wear many hats, and might not be on hand at all times of day.


We're Proud to Present . . .

Mark, Sally, and Janie – the three Innkeepers who will serve our guests in the 2020 season!

We previously communicated that we will have 3 full time staff members this year versus 2 last year.  This will improve guest services and spread the workload among the staff.

Mark Feifarek and Sally Mollitor (Head Cook) hail from Wisconsin and bring off-the-grid experience and a variety of mechanical skills to Big Creek.


Molitor.Feifarek2 5

Mark Feifarek and Sally Molitor

They will be joined by Mary “Janie” Sigler from Illinois who also happens to be a Licensed Practical Nurse.

SiglerPhoto2 2

Janie Sigler

Sally, Mark and Janie look forward to seeing you this season!



“Customers may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel”.


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