The Crew

Making the magic happen. Behind the scenes at Big Creek is a fabulous crew here to help you. Just keep in mind that, unlike a hotel, Lodge caretakers wear many hats, and might not be on hand at all times of day.


Theresa Giery

Caretaker & Head Cook

From Emmett, Idaho, Theresa and her husband Mike are thrilled to be the first caretakers of the reimagined Big Creek Lodge. She is CPR and AED certified. The granddaughter of one of the last mountain men to live year-round at Big Creek, Theresa grew up visiting and hearing stories about Big Creek, and she loves sharing them. Dewey Moore, her grandpa, moved to Big Creek in 1940 and stayed for 30 years.

Mike Giery

Caretaker & Handyman

Mike is an all-around handyman with knowledge in electrical, carpentry and plumbing (not to mention a touch of HVAC skills). He loves gardening, plus cutting and splitting firewood—especially for a good campfire. Mike is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a qualified swift water rescue swimmer. He’s also CPR and AED certified. He was with the Emmett City Fire Department for 14 years, serving as Deputy Chief for the last three. While Mike likes hiking, he is not much of a fisherman unless someone can teach him!


I consider myself a traditional cook who likes to try new recipes. My kids all come home for Sunday dinner when it is meatloaf and mashed potatoes. You might be surprised what I can do with a whole chicken and a can of beer (I don’t drink beer, I’m more a wine kind of gal). And speaking of strange, give me a bag of Fritos and some peanut butter and you might just be pleasantly surprised what you will taste.

– Theresa

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