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Big Tires and Campfires Raffle

If you're planning to be in the backcountry the weekend of June 15th you may as well buy some raffle tickets and have breakfast at beautiful Big Creek Lodge! The raffle is sponsored by the Idaho Aviation Foundation (IAF), a non-profit organization. All net raffle proceeds are donated to organizations that preserve, protect, and maintain backcountry aviation. In 2017, net proceeds were over $11,000. In 2018, net proceeds were over $14,000. Now you can enjoy a yummy breakfast prepared by Annie & Bernard at Big Creek, before you win that big prize you've been dreaming about all year!  Need not be present to win Major prizes (see right), but must be present to win minor prizes valued from $20-$500. You can buy tickets at Big Creek Lodge or BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE NOW!


Saturday June 15, 2019, Drawing at 10 am. Breakfast Special, Saturday 7:30-10:00 a.m.: $10/plate. Save $10!
  1. MAJOR PRIZES - Need not be present to win:
  2. •Alaska Bushwheels donated by Airframes Alaska—applicable for tailwheel aircraft including certified Cessna and Super Cub type aircraft, experimental and Light Sport aircraft. If you win but can’t put big tires on your bird—you can make a buddy your best friend for life by gifting them to him/her! Includes sizes up to 35”.
  3. •Set of Extended Main Gear or Stock Gear for PA-18 or Carbon Cub series from CubCrafters! Value $3000. Get more ground clearance and look even cooler than you do today, or have spares…just in case!
  4. •A special prize from Atlee Dodge (distributors of Northern Companion engine heaters, and many other fine parts and mods for backcounty aircraft mods)
  5. •One night stay at Big Creek Lodge for two (includes 3 meals for 2)--$500 value
  6. •Several other prizes valued over $500 for general aviation pilots
MINOR PRIZES -Must be present to win: •Big Creek Lodge merchandise •Camping gear •Emergency gear •Shirts, hats •Stuff for kids



Take a unique breakfast flight from McCall to Big Creek and be back to McCall before noon! Imagine flying into the beautiful backcountry of Idaho early in the morning to arrive at Big Creek Lodge in all its splendor! You’ll have two hours on the ground at Big Creek to enjoy the lodge, the views, good conversation, and a lovely breakfast before your pilot flies you back to McCall. McCall Aviation is a professional charter operation specializing in flights throughout Idaho’s backcountry and provides special pricing to Big Creek from McCall.


3 passengers, including breakfast: $432 round trip ($144 per person)

Single seat: $125 one way (2 hour ground time)

For more details & to book: Call Jen at McCall Aviation 208-634-7137


Want to get involved and fill your tummy too?  We have an on-going program for volunteers: Simply provide 2 hours of help when help is needed and directed by the Caretakers, and get a free breakfast!




Just check with the Managers (managers@bigcreeklodgeidaho.com) or on the volunteer chalkboard at the lodge to see if we need help that day.  Make sure you talk with the Managers on-site to get your assignment(s).  Then enjoy a nice meal as a thank you for your efforts!

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