Lodge Lifters

Building up Big Creek. You lift us up where we belong. Where the eagles cry. On a mountain high. Seriously, you inspire us like a Joe Cocker duet. Big Creek wouldn’t exist without the generosity of individuals and companies who gave to this project in big and small ways. Our donors deserve a standing ovation (or at least a song reprise). Thank you all—even those who wish to remain anonymous.



M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation
Kif and Dawn Brown
Todd Weltner, VERTICAL Construction
Scott & Trudy Fodor



James and Marsha Davies
Anonymous, In Memory of David Walker
N. Colin Lind
Robert D. Patrick and Mary Susan Roach
Richard and Sue Sugden
Al Jr. and Jayne Hilde
CLM Marketing and Advertising
Colleen Back



Paul Collins
Vic and Janine Jaro
Dan and Joyce Coury and Family
Mark Urness
Avcenter, Inc./McCall Aviation
International 180/185 Club
Steve Miller in Memory of Don Miller
Marcia Hoyt
Mark and Joan Peterson
Idaho Aviation Association
LIXIL Water Technology Americas
supercub.org/National Bushwheel Awareness WeekAnonymous



William C. (Bill) Miller
Larry Taylor
Joe Corlett
Bruce Parker
Lud Corrao
Peterson’s Performance Plus, Inc. (Todd & Jo Peterson)
Mike Gerringer
Linn Hower & Elisabeth Ridgway
Shore Lodge
Houston Bugatsch Architects, Chartered
Ray and Sherri Dieckman
Cecilia Perry
D.P. Fitzpatrick



Lt. Col. James & Karen Kimmel
Jack Schulte
JV DeThomas
Breck Glassinger in Memory of Ted Glassinger
Utah Back Country Pilots Association
Lori MacNichol-Gregory/Mountain Aviation Corporation in Memory of Lyn Clark
Ace Jones
Dave Kirsten in honor of supercub.org
Tom Wooten
Wayne and Linda Thiel
Stephen and Victoria Goebel
Mike and Tamie Byrne
Charles Miller
Stephen and Belinda Harless
Tom Boyer/T & C Aircraft Corp.
Art Lillis
Michael & Teresa Gerringer
Paul Von Gontard
Michael Weiss
Jon Archer
Rob Ryan
McCall Real Estate Company
DI Nitzel in Memory of Mr. Gregerson
Bailey Sory In Memory of B.B. Sory and John H. Birdsall
Daniel and Nancy Carey
Joey Scolari
Mark R. Miller
Don and Cecelia Lojek
Dennis and Tracy Fitzpatrick
Les Filler
Tom Clements
Rick Mandrell
Rod Blackstead
Darren Champlin
Brent Blue
Kitfox Aircraft; John and Deborah McBean
Lynn Mareth and Michael Perkins
Deberah Black
Polly and Richard Spencer
David Durham
Idaho Division of Aeronautics
Arnold Aviation
Donald MacRae
John and Renee Kotaki
Jackson Jet Center
Neil T. Cahoon
Chad Mackay
Leanne Tawoda
Michael and Irene McEachern
Marie and David Beaver in honor of Marie’s 50th birthday
Todd and Robin Hoffman/Hoffman Cabinets
Bob and Jane Hoff
Blaine County Pilots Association
Chris and Lois Schwarzhoff
World Fuel Services/Ascent Aviation Group, Inc.
Echelon Group, Inc. – Don and Mary Reiman
Red Parker
Jessi Hoyt
Michael Jenkins
Richard and Pamela Bush
Dave and Judy Sommer
Scott Mauch
Bob Bement
Idaho Aviation Association – McCall Chapter
Crestline Engineers
Neil Ring
Paul and Terry Leadabrand
Chris Christensen
Russ and Geri Kvanvig
Jim & Julie Trounson
In Memory of George Ambrose
Anonymous Donors (3)



Jeff Morrison
William O’Keeffe
Thomas Willis in Honor of T C Willis, LLC – Aviation Quality Solutions
David & Kimberly See in Honor of Their Family
Shannon Eaton Roarke in Memory of Howard Eaton
Henry “Hank” Clancey
Steve Johnson
Randy Clark
Dave Allmen
Nicholas & Jacqueline Silicz
Scott Morgan/Med-Tech Properties of Central Oregon, LLC
Gary and Joyce Hamilton
Mark Lessor
Randy Armstrong in Honor of Freedom Air Ranch
Tom Harriman
Glasair Training Co.
David Corrao
Thomas Bryant
Jerry Finnegan – Gem State Electric Motors & Pumps
Terry and Janice Todd
Rodger and Mary Sorensen
Tim and Ann Clifford
Carol Skerjanec
Freda Cenarrusa in memory of Joe Cenarrusa
Jean Cenarrusa in memory of Joe Cenarrusa
John C. Cox
Yankee Pacific LLC
Larry and Nancy Holtzen
Gordon S. Beebe
Bob and Cindy Vosburgh in memory of Captain Rick Hetzner
Anonymous Donors (4)


Up to $499

Leandra Kelleher
Russell Kellum in Memory of Steve McCarter
Jeanne MacPherson in Honor of Mountain Airdance
Kelli Parker
Lawrence J. Masek, Jr.
H. Carter Hatfield
William (Rusty) Harrison in Memory of Bill Harrison
Charles Herrington in Memory of Pam Parker
Mike Pape
Dahlia Curry
Daryl & Karen Austermiller
John McKinney & Lora Lee Schmidt
Virginia Updegrove
Larry Woodall
Johnny Stewart
David Myrick
Wilma Melville
George Edgerton
Kenneth Wittekiend
Leslie Tugaw
Patrick Moroney
Nadine Burak
Matt Sheehan
Kevin Condroski
Randall Henderson in Honor of George M. Henderson
William Scherer
David Riffle
Joe Gish
Leigh & Jan Ward
Denis & Susan Coates
Al & Berit Kuykendall
Thomas G. Donnelly
Vernon L. “Bobby” Cox
Paul Nemeth
Royce Anderson
Rick & Rex Ervin
Larry Gibb
Treasure Valley Coffee, Inc./Tom Boyer
Mark and Kitty Burke
C. Margo Mowbray
Robin S. McRae
Tim Whitney
Jack and Patricia Blackwell
Richard A. and Jane E. Petty
John and Patricia Bovee
Vern & Marisa Back
Mike Creek
Mike McCrae
Walton Glass
Stephen and Silvana Krogsrud
Karl DeRuwe
Dale Ellis
Charlie Hogan
Larry & Danna Knox
Mark Babcock
Mike & Penny Hergenrather
Nicki Harnar
George Coleman
Richard & Linda Williams in memory of Jim Larkin
Richard and Debbie Benson
Joe Waltz
Dan Linebarger
Jimmy Crawford
Terry Holman
Dennis Irvine
Rob Ryan
Jim Hudson
Robert & Allison Dobransky
David Hamann
Douglas Sapp
Mark Shaffer
Richard Pattison
Rick Thomas
Kerry Requa
Tom Stelmak
Mike Ferguson
Breezy Burlison
Jim Build
Joel Milloway
Ted & Merete Abbot
Steven Barnard
Virgil Boling
Rich Broberg
Aaron Berlison
Doug Cairns
Chad Hammond
James Hoff
Chuck Hurst
Michael Jenkins
Chip Kemper
George Kounis
Julia Lewis
Holbrok Maslen
Jeremy McKay
Matt Mikkelson
Ross Parton
Bobby Picker
Scott Southwick
Doug Sperry
Jim Zamzow
Nate Smith
Ty & Debbie Jenkins
Mike Abrams
Cole Hammond
John Hicks
Logan Wilkinson
Susie Reaves
John Gribber
Andrea Jahnke
Dennis Myers
Judith Molinski
Abbie Parker
Graeme and Beverley Prankerd
Jeffrey Welch
John Gallian
Jan & Mike Marker
Panorama Automotive Repair (Tony Maniglia)
Beth Wheeler
Bob & Peggy Whisonant
Scott Fuhrman
James Davis
Charlie and Donna Kearns
Andrew George
Christopher George
Jerry L. Richardson
Wayne Loeber
Walter Josephson
Tom Tabbert
Gary and Joyce Hamilton
Len Fox
Rene Vercruyssen
Robert DiGrazia
Brendan DeLacey
Jim Huber
Charlene Brudevold
Royce Anderson
John and Janine Gallian
Cary and Ruth Jackson
Gayland and Cindy Jo Edwards
Lynn Ferguson
Nancy and Rick Harvey
Jeremy Roberts
Cheryl McCord
James Lancaster
James and Victoria Hollis
Russell Westerberg
John Hodgson
Jack Walker
Lawrence Cobb
Michael Real
Pat and Rhonda Erstrom
Paul and Patricia Nielsen
Fred Jolivet
Jeffrey O. Russell
Clay Simmons
Sam Bishop
Scott Henscheid
Alex Francis
Roger Perkins in Memory of Jim Larkin
Russell Kellum in Memory of Kif Brown
John L. Smith
Eric Walker
Julie England
Joe Carter in honor of Dr. Mike Weiss
Dennis Hart of River Ranch
Lake of the Woods Aviation LLC
Entrepreneurs Organization-Idaho Chapter, Inc.
Joe and Lorie Icenhower
Lavoy and Beverly Whittier
Andrew Cleveland
Sam and Catherine Westbrook III, in memory of Captain Rick Hetzner
Jim and Gail Goff in Honor of Alan and Sue Reilly
Paul and Gayle Poorman
Pat and Linda McKinney
Scott Tibbs
Suzanne Paisley and Charles Jones
David Anthony
Joseph Richards
Anonymous Donors (248)

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